Rebel Jewelry ★ Hand stamped, personalized 925 sterling silver

I wasn't joking when I said this week will be EPIC here at Pour la Rebelle. While the BFF Collection is still HOT (thanks for all the nice words from so many of you, cannot wait to see everyone ROCK their new stuff 🙌🏻) we are launching a completely new category: JEWELRY 🔥

Besides fashion & accessories, jewelry has always been such an important part of my style. I just love unique pieces that stay with you forever and really mean something to you. I am super picky when it comes to my jewelry and I usually only buy myself a special piece to celebrate something to connect it with a memorable time or event in my life (yeah I know, I am crazy). So it might not be a surprise that adding jewelry to Pour la Rebelle was the plan from the beginning and now it is finally time to reveal the start of something amazing: Real 925 Sterling Silver personalized, hand stamped jewelry including our Rebel Rings, Rebel Heart Necklaces in different sizes and earrings (a lot more styles coming next month). All items can be personalized to your liking with your ideas, which I am super excited about 🙌🏻
As jewelry is such a passion and very personal to me, I decided to be in front of the camera myself for the launch photos. So for this shoot I only thank a good bottle of wine to get me through the struggle of shooting myself 😂

I really, really hope you love everything, and we can all grow this new category together 🖤

xx Andrea


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