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Pour la Rebelle { puʀ la ʀəbɛl } : For the Rebel

Striking black & white, with a romantic yet rebellious rock 'n' roll vibe. Inspired by art, music and the culture of this and past generations. Pour la Rebelle was born out of Andrea's passion as an independent fashion & lifestyle label in Germany, obsessed with rocking the superficial and boring fashion scene. What you won't find here is ordinary shit! Everything is designed with an insane attention to detail and quality. Dreamed up, printed, adorned and personalized by hand in our creative studio (to rocking music). Every favorite piece made ONLY for us rebels, who are not fake beauties, but full of dreams and fire. Breathing passion as if it was air.

Owner & Designer


My creative path began when I could hardly walk, but was already eager to "decorate" furniture and walls with lipstick (much to my parents' delight, of course). 10 years later I spent all my pocket money on Vogue magazines and my free time on art and design, making plans to study fashion design like most do. But "what most do" didn't suit me (who would have thought), so I followed my heart and started my career as a creative entrepreneur right after school with businesses in Europe and the USA, which brings you and me here together at Pour la Rebelle.
My passion is to design favorite pieces for us, to lose myself in details so EVERYTHING is perfect and the one on one with incredibly cool customers like you, who inspire me every day.



I've always been looking for the one beautiful ring, that keeps reminding me of a special moment years later, for that cool t-shirt I'd love to live in all day every day (until it falls apart), that super handbag carrying my things to the end of the world. It's actually not that easy to find pieces, where design, quality, fit, material, etc. are right, so they make you happy even years down the road.
Did you know that almost 90% of all streetwear brands in Germany are founded and managed by men? Same internationally. That almost no label gives you the opportunity to choose cool jewelry and matching accessories with your shirt to create a whole look? That's exactly what I wanted to change with Pour la Rebelle, in combination with a first-class customer experience, because it's really important to me to make everyone feel special.
For many, many years I have collected inspiration from all over the world, tested it, bought it and worn it myself, so Pour la Rebelle could offer what I had been looking for for decades.

The Story


Once the idea was crystal clear, we hunted for the best materials for over 2 years, tested hundreds of fits and samples on different body types. Everything should be as perfect as possible for you right from the start.

On July 1st, 2020, Pour la Rebelle was officially founded, YEAY! There may have been a few celebration drinks before the new studio and warehouse was equipped and set up. We designed, manufactured and shot our launch Collection and just 2 months later the company's own online shop was launched. It's crazy how quickly time has flown by! Since then we have expanded our shop with so many new favorite pieces and made thousands of customers happy.

With just as many ideas & dreams as we started Pour la Rebelle, we will continue into the future - together with you. Feel free to follow our story on the Backtage Blog.


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