The PLR Online Shop is LIVE!

It has been about 2 years since the idea of Pour la Rebelle was born, exactly 2 months since I registered the company and today is FINALLY the day when everything comes together by launching the online store and my childhood dream of owning my own fashion label becomes a reality. So before I go on: Cheers, ladies 🖤

Honestly, over the last couple of months there have been many moments when I thought this day will never come, just because when you see a to-do list that was as long as mine it drives you crazy. So I kept going day by day and I really hope you like all the fashion pieces I created for you and enjoy spending time here on or on our social media channels. 
If you have not seen it please check out "The Studio" Video, where you can get a glimpse backstage how much love and work goes into every bit of this brand.

Over the next weeks there is more really cool stuff coming (like amazing handbags but ssshhhh..., that's still a secret ;)) so if you don't already go follow us on Facebook or Instagram and subscribe to our Newsletter and you'll be the first to know.

Welcome to our little Girl Gang here at Pour la Rebelle and I cannot wait to see what we all create together and what this brand grows into over the next months and years.

xx Andrea

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