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Rebel Girls, ATTENTION 🖤

YEAY, our new handbags are finally here!
It took me almost a year, a million samples (almost) and lots of sleepless nights to finally show you the perfect alternative fashion handbags!
Fun Fact, I am a sucker for canvas handbags: They are cruelty-free, so easy to take everywhere and work with any occasion. When I used to live in Switzerland (also almost a million years ago) I splurged and got myself a Chanel handbag. That bag has been through a lot with me, but it honestly got replaced over the last couple of years with a canvas handbag I bought in NYC at some point. Unfortunately that bag, though still cute, is not very high quality and super floppy. So my goal was to create the PERFECT canvas handbags that last you a lifetime, adorned with super cute scarfs, printed by hand for you in our Studio in Germany and with high quality brass hardware.

3 new styles, 7 new designs ... lined, pockets on the in- and outside. I cannot wait till you girls get your hands on these!

xx Andrea

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